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What we do?
Provide the finest and the latest products to workers and companies in all over Japan.
We listen and work with our customers and develop products to find solutions.
We have direct relationship with manufactures and suppliers in more than 10 countries and also we have our own factory and distribution centers in Japan.


Company name Ohnaka Industry Co.,Ltd
Established in 1957
Head Office 2-8-28 Shinimazato Ikunoku Osaka Japan
Tel:81-6-6751-2224 Fax:81-6-6754-3677
Branch offices Tokyo, Sendai, Hyougo, Fukuoka, Shanghai
Factory Hyogo
China Guangdong Province
Distribution center Osaka, Hyogo

Company History

1949 Ohnaka was established in Osaka as a industrial machine parts manufacturer
1954 Ohnaka started production of industrial leather gloves in Osaka
1957 Ohnaka changed the name from Ohnaka Manufacturing to Ohnaka Industry
1958 Ohanak added protective clothing to its production line
1966 Ohnaka established a second manufacturing facility in Hyogo
1980 Ohnaka established further manufacturing facility in China
1987 Ohnaka expands to Tokyo with a new sales office
1994 Ohnaka established a distribution center in Osaka
2005 Ohnaka established a second warehouse in Osaka
2007 Ohnaka expands to North of Japan, Sendai,with another new sales office
2008 Ohnaka established another distribution center in Hyogo
2008 Ohnaka expands to middle of Japan, Hyogo, with another office
2009 Ohnaka expands to South of Japan, Fukuoka ,with another sales office